Top 10 Speed Dating Tips for First-Timers

Have you ever tried speed dating? It may sound gimmicky but lots of people still use it as a way to meet new people face to face, establish real rapport, and make a connection. 

It’s natural to arrive a little nervous to a speed dating event, particularly if you have never been speed dating before and don’t know what to expect. You will realise it’s a really fun and easy going singles event with other friendly singles. 

We have come up with a top 10 list of dating tips on how to speed date and have a great time. 

1. Show Up Early to 'Warm Up'

Athletes don’t jump into a game without warming up. Likewise, it can be beneficial if you ‘warm up’ by arriving at the venue a little bit early and socialising before going on your actual speed dates.

2. Put Your Damn Phone Away

Unless you’re waiting for your best friend to give birth because you know she’s in labor or there’s some other dire emergency, put the phone away. All your friends know where you are, so if you don’t get back ASAP to a text, they’ll understand.

3. Acknowledge That Awkwardness

First dates can be awkward. When you find yourself in the middle of a pregnant silence simply saying something like, “Wow. So this is awkward. I’m sure there will be even more awkward silences to come,” is actually the kindest thing to do. Addressing the elephant in the room is always a good idea. Even better? It also creates a sort of bond.

4. Don’t Be Too Judgmental

It’s important to stick to your standards, but it’s also important to have an open mind. If one of your dates sits down and is in an outfit you detest or has some sort of physical thing that you don’t find completely attractive, don’t immediately throw in the towel. Judging is totally normal, but judging to a point where you’re not even giving your date some slack or the benefit of the doubt is a shi*ty move.

5. Don't Ask the Same Questions as Everyone Else!

This is the key element that will set yourself apart from the other speed daters. The key is to have a memorable, unique conversation. Remember, you only have 5 minutes on each date, so you can’t get into extremely detailed conversations. The most important thing is to convey a fun, interesting personality.

6. Keep the Conversation Light

Have Fun. Be Playful. Speed dating is meant to be a fun event, so relax and don’t take things too seriously. Be sure to smile and convey a positive energy, because it will make the situation more comfortable for both of you.

7. Don’t Dwell On Your Ex ...

I mean, that’s just a given. If they do ask, be as honest as you’re comfortable with, but be wary of talking smack. This date is about a new beginning, and there’s plenty of time to rehash your past if you get involved. If they talk about their ex, just smile and make a mental note. If they talk poorly about their ex, then ugh. They’ve just kissed a second date goodbye.

8. Take Notes... But Don't Do it During the Date!

Since you’ll be meeting many people in a short period of time, it may be helpful to write down some quick notes about each dater. This will help you remember specific details in case you match up with them and end up meeting after the event. But DON’T write down notes in the middle of the date – it can make the other person feel uncomfortable and think that they’re getting judged on everything they say. Wait until after the date, and scribble down a couple notes before heading to the next table. 

9. Stay Afterwards and Chat

If you’ve made a particularly strong connection with someone, feel free to stay after the event and continue chatting. Having a drink and talking to someone at the end of the night will help build a stronger connection and could essentially turn into an instant first date.

10. Contact Your Matches

After the event is over, you will typically receive an email with your matches within 24 hours. We recommend sending an email or text to your favourite match right away and suggesting a meet up for a quick drink or dessert. 

Final Thoughts - Don't Give Up!

It may take a few events before you really get the hang of things, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have immediate success. With all that being said everyone wants to give advice about finding Mr. or Ms. right, but often it’s about their concept of what you desire or worse, what they think is best for you!

Don’t listen to others! Learn from your own experiences on what works best for you. Take control of your life and dating. Whether it’s an introduction from a friend, a Speed Dating event or a happenstance meeting in a coffee shop… the more you know about yourself the better your chances of finding a great match. 

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