5 reasons Speed Dating is better than online dating

  • A black man and white women wearing name tags, talking while on a speed date

In theory dating apps are a great invention, however, reports of online dating fatigue are a real thing, with many singles deleting their dating apps in an attempt to reconnect, stating they feel disillusioned, bored, and fed up with being constantly rejected.

Finding someone whom you can be in a serious relationship with may not be easy. Hanging out in bars may sound like a logical choice but for others, being in a crowd isn’t just their thing. Going on a blind date has its perks but there is also a downside to it. Dating websites may sound appealing at first but can take some time before you see any results. So what else is there for you to try? How about going on a speed date? Here are the Top Five Reasons Speed Dating is better than online dating.

No 1 – Speed Dating is Fun
Speed dating events are upbeat and fast-paced. Everyone there understands the nature of the event, so there’s always some sexual tension lurking under the laughs, but the laughs are frequent enough that no one cares. Remember, despite the way, it’s portrayed, speed dating isn’t an exercise in personal exposure. When everyone in the room is in the same boat, there’s a surprising amount of trust. There’s also a lot of fun.

No 2 – No Time Wasters
It is easy to go online when you’re bored and chat to people, not so easy to book a ticket at an event, get dressed up and turn up there. This means that all the people at a speed dating event are at least to some degree committed to meeting people. Online, some people are simply ‘seeing what’s out there’, and aren’t that bothered about really getting into a relationship or dating regularly. These can feel like time wasters when you are keen to have real dates with some potential match, and with speed dating, you won’t meet many of them, except perhaps the odd person dragged along by a friend.

No 3 – No drama
It’s safer than online dating – Meeting up with a stranger who you only know by their online profile has its obvious risks. Speed dating allows you to meet people face to face and assess their suitability before committing to anything more serious. With normal dating, you have to worry about whether or not you should give somebody your number. Then you wonder if they were just being polite. You worry when they don’t call. With speed dating, you just check yes or no. If both of you check yes, then you have the opportunity to go out. No worries about what the other person thinks. You know right up front.

No 4 – No Fake Profiles
We’ve all heard the horror stories of two people connecting online, only to realize that the profile picture wasn’t real or that the person was actually pretending to be the opposite gender as a joke. Nothing is worse than being the victim of a scam like that.  With speed dating, what you see is what you get. There’s no fear that they’re actually twenty years older than they say are.

No 5 – No substitute for the Real Thing
Human connection is an innate need that lies at the core of our being. We need to, more than ever before, make a conscious effort to interact with each other, in person. Chemistry happens in person. You will never know if you’re truly compatible with someone until you meet face to face. This is what Speed Dating is all about. You’re going to an event. You’re going to meet other people, in real life, over cocktails. It brings the human element back to the dating scene, something that is in dire need of a comeback.